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Patrick Butler


Based in Connecticut.

"We use Patrick for our taxes and he also completes the various overseas account forms."

Erwin Rosenfeld (914) 762-5381

"We use Erwin for our end of year tax returns and are happy with his service."

Richard Peterson at CMDR (914) 347-4370

Mark Steward (973) 615-5489


Michael Crombie (631) 319-6901


"An expat Englishman who has worked as tax accountant in the US for many years. He was fast efficient reasonable and seemed to know his stuff."


Neil Pursey, Partner (specializes in UK/US tax matters)

Direct Dial: +44 (0)20 7556 1413 | Mobile: 07813520391 | Administrator: +44 (0)20 7556 1484 |


His bio on his firm’s web page is here:

Michael J. Crombie CPA, PC (631) 319 6901

Certified Public Accountants

3249 Route 112, Suite 1A, Medford, NY 11763