Shopping with Kids


3rd Ave on 60th

Supersize candy store across the road from Bloomingdales.  Has a café with great desserts, not surprisingly!  Don't forget to check out the 10 scoops and 10 toppings of your choice (in one big bowl) for $20!!!



5th Ave at 58th

More traditional toy shop but also pretty huge.  The giant piano played by 2 men dancing on the keyboard is great to watch.



Rockefeller Center, 620 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10020, (212) 245-5973

The LEGO Store raises the bar in kid-chic design, innovative displays, in-store family events and consumer-friendly play areas to deliver an engaging, entertaining and fun experience for families.

The LEGO Store at Rockefeller Center has the tallest Pick A Brick wall featuring LEGO elements in a variety of colors & shapes in bulk.

Our "Brand Ribbon" runs the circumference of the store, featuring LEGO model displays, company history & fun facts to entertain guests.

The Store also features the Master Builder Bar, where LEGO fans of all ages can view LEGO Club TV videos, play games, learn how to build cool LEGO models, take a trivia quiz, and more!



5th Ave at 49th

Girls love this place!  Choose a doll with your colouring (choose hair color/style, eye colour, freckles, glasses, braces, etc) and then buy matching outfits for you both!  Have lunch or tea with your doll in the special restaurant, take your doll to the hairdressers and get tickets for the American Girl show.  It really is girl heaven! Take Daddy with you and watch him cringe at the bill!  Three floors of of dolls, dolls clothes, matching girls clothes, dolls' hairdresser, dolls' hospital, a restaurant and even a theater! This shop gets really crowded around the holidays - be prepared to get in line (around the block!)



Times Square

"Biggest toy shop I’ve ever seen, complete with full size ferris wheel in the lobby!"