“Not something we like to talk about but a very common problem in our schools, especially at the beginning of a new school year.  Having tried several over the counter products and spent a fortune in the process, I decided I felt uncomfortable using chemical laden solutions which did not work.  I found the following lady through another member of the group and she’s amazing.  She’s been to many schools in the area to treat cases and she cleared the problem for us on her first visit.  She lives in Fordham but came out to us the day after I called her.  She gets the train and you pick her up from the station.  She uses all natural products, explains what she’s doing and leaves instructions with you when she’s finished.  Not cheap, but highly effective and I spent more on the pharmacy products that didn’t work!  The lady’s name is Carmen and her phone number is (646) 373-2178.”


This is the lice treatment company based in Stamford, just off Junction 5 on the I.95. They provide free professional checks and you don't need an appointment.