Marcos - 914.815.0306

"Marcos has been our wallpaper person and our painter for the last 3 houses and 10 yrs plus! He is a craftsman. He just did our downstairs washroom. Tell him Allison McCarthy sent you."

"Very good and very reasonable. He replies to emails and cell promptly. He is a police officer in the summer at Milton Point, so trustworthy by definition I guess."


Bruce Caldwell - 914.588.7867 / Email: harborcop1@verizon.net


Paul Willman 914.447.3413


"If you haven't done it recently, I would strongly recommend you get your dryer ducts cleaned out. Paul told me there had been a fire in mine! Contained, but still frightened the life out of me. There was a very strong smell of burnt toast in the laundry room and some damaged wiring in the dryer but very fortunately, nothing worse."