Gardens, Gutters & Snow Clearance


For many homeowners, shoveling snow ranks right up there with other dreaded domestic activities such as clearing clogged drains,  weeding the lawn and cleaning dead, wet leaves out of rain gutters. The difference, however, is that at least the drains, grass and gutters are theirs. The sidewalk, on the other hand, usually belongs to the city.


The city is responsible for the condition of the public streets and sidewalks which includes responsibility for removing snow from public sidewalks.  However, individual land owners are responsible for clearing the snow from sidewalks abutting their property so if you have a public sidewalk outside your property, make sure you clear the snow while clearing your driveway.


Most gardeners can be used in the winter months to help with snow removal. 




Gutters need cleaning several times a year as they fill up with leaves from the many trees in the area.  Note that the use of leaf blowers (both gas and electric) is prohibited between May 1st and September 30th.  


A & G LANDSCAPING Abraham (914) 381-2487

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ALBERTO OROZCO (914) 227-1897


ANNIE GAILLARD LANDSCAPING (914) 738-3865 or (914) 943- 9196.  

BARRIE HEDGE (British, long time Rye resident) - owns a landscaping company. Email: 

BRIGGS LANDSCAPE DESIGN Contact Kate Briggs (203) 321-5221 Email: 


JOHN PARISI (914) 698-4697

PETER BARCIA (914) 939-5634 - Gutter cleaning, snow plowing.

PETER CILENTRO (914) 682-1421

PETER NAVARRA LANDSCAPING (including tree removal)

RESIDENTIAL WATER IRRIGATION SYSTEMS (914) 557-7005 (cell) / (845) 724-3782 (home)

RICARDO ACEVEDO (914) 967-4839 / (914) 403-3150

RICHARD HORSEMAN (Landscape Architect) (914) 967-2659 (works with Angelo Andreoli)

ROBERT GRAINGER (914) 557-7005 (for sprinkler systems)


STANLEY (845) 628-0221 / (914) 261-4160 (cell)

TREE SERVICE (914) 260-0447

VILLA LANDSCAPING (914) 935-3974



SAVATREE serves Lower Westchester, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and NYC.

531 Fayette Avenue, Mamaroneck, NY 10543 

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"We just had a tree cut down by Savatree. They were very good. We dealt with Scott who was great and very professional. I had quotes from others and the Savatree quote was comparable to the others."



 (914) 804-7718


"We just used Benny's Tree Service for taking down some large trees. We thought they did a very professional job and were pretty reasonable. We live in Harrison where they're pretty difficult on permits but Benny took care of all of that for us. I'd definitely recommend meeting him and getting a quote at least."


RODRIGO  (914) 804-1707

"I have used him two times and found him to be very reasonable and efficient."

Monkey Wrench

We're two rising Seniors at Rye Country Day School in Rye, NY and Inside Linebackers on our football team. We decided we could put our size and energy to good use by helping you with the things you hate to do yourself; our goal is to do more chores in a summer than any teenager has done in their lifetime.


We offer the perfect medium between jobs you don't want to do yourself and those you don't want to pay a professional to do for you. We will move your couch, plant your boxwoods, wash your back porch, your car, and your dog and still have time to set up for your evening cocktail party.