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On June 1, 2011 plastic containers coded 3 through 7 were added to Weschester County's list of mandated recyclables.  Residents are required to source separate plastics coded 1 through 7, in commingled recycling bins.  This includes most plastic personal care and food packaging waste, such as medicine and shampoo bottles, yogurt cups and take-out food containers.  For more information click here to visit the County website.


"Garbage" does not include recyclables. It is mandatory for all residents, apartment buildings and businesses to recycle. Sanitation crews have been instructed not to pick up garbage that has been mixed with recyclable items.

  • All recyclables must be rinsed clean.

  • All recyclables are picked up at curbside, weekly, regardless of holidays, on the same day as one of your regular garbage pickups.  Not sure which day to put your recyclables out? Watch your neighbors or call the Public Works Department at 967-4246.

  • Blue and Green recycling boxes are available to all Rye residents for $5.  Call the Public Works Department at 967-7464 for information on replacing boxes. Please bring your boxes inside promptly after they are emptied. Be considerate of your neighbors.


NOTE: By law, garbage, trash and recyclables should be placed at curbside no more than 24 hours in advance of scheduled collection.





BLUE BOX : Clean newsprint, Kraft brown bags, corrugated cardboard, magazines and junk mail.

Corrugated Cardboard: Corrugated cardboard should be clean and non-wax coated and free from all adhesive tape, metal or plastic.  It should be flattened, tied and placed at curbside on your recycling day.

Do Not Include - Paper board, such as cereal boxes, tissue boxes, toilet paper and paper towel rolls or anything lined with Styrofoam.

Magazines: All magazines including colored or glossy periodicals, merchandize, catalogs and telephone books.

Junk Mail: Envelopes, sweepstakes forms and office paper to be co-mingled with other paper pulp.  Do Not Include - books, carbon paper of self carbonizing paper.


GREEN BOX : Glass, metal and plastic.

Glass: Save all unbroken food and beverage jars, bottles and other glass containers. They can be green, brown or clear. The must be rinsed with the caps removed. It is not necessary to remove the labels.

Do Not Include - Broken glass, light bulbs, crystal, windows, mirror glass, ceramics, kitchenware, pesticides, herbicide bottles or any containers that held anything other than food or beverages.

Metal Containers: Save all containers made of tin, aluminum or other metals used for food and beverages. They must be rinsed clean but it is not necessary to remove the labels. All types of empty aerosol cans may be included as well.

Do Not Include - Aluminum siding, paint cans, scrap metal, wire, pipe, tubing, motors, sheet metal and automobile parts.

Plastic: Save all plastic containers used for food, beverage, detergents and shampoos which are made of PETE and HDP plastic. These plastics are coded 1 or 2 with triangular symbols. They are usually found on the bottom of container. Rinse them and remove the caps.  You need not remove the labels.

Do Not Include - Styrofoam, film plastic, or plastic bags regardless of recycling code, vinyl or any containers that held potentially hazardous materials such as motor oil, pesticides, etc.





Supermarket Bags - many supermarkets have started giving a 5c discount for every bag you bring with you.

Bottles/Cans - if you take your empty recyclable bottles or cans to the recycling machine in the supermarket you get 5c per bottle back!

Catalogs - are you fed up with the mountains of unwanted catalogues that arrive in the mail every day?  To have your name taken off the list register with Direct Mail Associations Mail Preference or Catalog Choice.

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