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Dr Cotter, 515 Halstead Avenue, Mamaroneck, (914) 777-9465

Dr. Michael Barbieri, 444 East Boston Post Rd, Suite 206, Mamaroneck‎ NY, (914) 698-3480

"I had to have a root canal treatment last year for which I saw Dr Barbieri in Mamaroneck.  He works together with root canal specialists in Cos Cob and I felt well taken care of by both. The whole treatment went fine and fast and I warmly recommend both." 



Dr Louis Cooper 90 South Ridge St, Rye Brook, (914) 925-1099

"We've been going to him for only a year but the experience has been so easy. My oldest goes in alone so I can stay with the others to play in the amazing waiting room of toys!  We are with delta dental and I don't have to fill in any forms/pay upfront as they handle it all. It took me 3 years to switch from our city dentist and I wish I'd done it much sooner."

"We love Dr Lou in rye brook. So easy to send the older ones in solo while the younger one plays in the waiting room. Kids love going!"

"We use this dentist and the kids love him, have had one filling and one extraction, no trauma at all. Very cool surgery."

"Dr "Lou" at Rye Brook is fantastic, my kids actually look forward to their trips to the dentist!"


Dr Valarie D'Angelica 1600 Harrison ave, Suite 106 Mamaroneck, (914) 835-3232 

Dr Angela Manning 66 Milton Road, Rye (914) 967-1123

Rye Smiles Pediatric Dentistry 16 School Street, Rye, (914) 967-5735



Dr Lori Cohen, Rye Family Orthodontics

105-107 Theodore Fremd Avenue, Rye, NY, Tel: (914) 967-7648

Rye Family Orthodontics is dedicated to providing caring, state of the art orthodontics for the entire family. Dr. Cohen and her staff realize that each patient has their own unique needs and we strive to ensure that everyone receives treatment in a comfortable, friendly environment. Our office is committed to offering the latest and most effective treatment possible to ensure that our patients receive optimum results in the most efficient manner possible.


Dr. Shamus 220 Westchester Avenue, White Plains, (914) 946-5860

"We go to Dr. Shamus and my kids love him!"