Moving to the US as a foreigner can be challenging, to say the least. Finding a home, getting settled into your new job can be exciting, as well as stressful. One area which usually stays on the backburner, but keeps nagging in the back of your mind, is your personal financial planning. How do my employee benefits work, can I still fund my retirement, am I well insured, is my family financially protected?


When I came to the US from The Netherlands in 2002 I had the same challenges. Since I started my practice as a financial advisor I have been specializing in the expat market. Being a foreigner myself (NL/US citizen), there is an instant trust and I love being able to help guide expats using my own experiences.


As an advisor I do comprehensive planning. I cover three areas of planning:

  1. Risk Management. Most of my clients have insurance through their employer. I review what they have and compare it to their objectives. If there is a gap, I provide ideas and recommendations. Often I don’t replace, but supplement the planning that is already in place. Think of life insurance, disability insurance, health insurance (group)1 and long term care planning.

  2. Wealth Management. I help my clients with tax-efficient wealth accumulation strategies, in order to save for big ticket items such as buying a home, funding children’s education and retirement planning. Strategies are based upon the needs and goals (and budget) of my clients.

  3. Wealth preservation and distribution (Estate Planning). I help with a retirement distribution strategy with a focus on tax-efficiency.


Although my time is valuable, there is no fee to meet with me. While being a Northwestern Mutual advisor, I have access to other carriers – the best of both worlds.


Feel free to give me a call to find out how I can be helpful to you.


Bianca Helderman, Financial Advisor at Northwestern Mutual

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