Chimney Sweep

MR. CHIMNEY (914) 632-6660 / (914) 777-8200 


CHIM CHIMINEY (914) 736-1006

"I really trust my chimney person.  They never try to sell me on anything more than the cleaning.  Many chimney sweeps supposedly convince you to buy extras."


"These guys are certified and are very professional!  They recently cleaned our very neglected chimney!!  They charged $250 for a thorough clean when another company quoted us $1200!!!!!  Be wary of any company that tries to charge you that or recommends a chemical clean - chemical cleaning should never be required and even a chimney that has 3rd degree creosote can probably be cleaned for around $500.  We had 2nd degree creosote - chimney fire status!!!!" (Feb 2014)


JACK EGAN (845) 628-8515

"Retired firefighter, very honest, really nice guy."


HIGH TECH CHIMNEYS (914) 948 2919 - they also clean boilers.